Welcome to test.talia.net, a Talia server. Using test.talia.net will test your download and upload rates to and from our VSAT hub, independent of any bandwidth limitations of the outside Internet.

Your details:

IP Address:
Browser:CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

Speed Test

For 100% accurate results, use the "IP Stats" option of iSite to display your download and upload rates in real time.

Begin Speed Test

This test will download 512 kbytes, then upload 128 kbytes, and display the results. Perform this test with only one PC connected to the modem, the LAN disconnected, and no other traffic coming to or from your PC.

Download Test Files

You may also directly test your download rate using the files below. Right-click a file and choose "Save As...", then save the file in any available location. Allow the file to download for 30 seconds, and note the download rate displayed in your browser download window. This is your current average.


FTP Test

You may also test download and upload rates by anonymous FTP. Use the following settings:

Server: test.talia.net
Username: anonymous
Password: <your email address>

To test upload, first cd to the "incoming" directory. Files uploaded here are periodically removed, and cannot be downloaded again.